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Pine Rest Acquires Grand Rapids Addiction Medical Specialists

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services is pleased to announce that the practice of Bruce Springer, M.D., Grand Rapids Addiction Medical Specialists has been acquired. Dr. Springer will work closely with Talal Khan, M.D., Service Chief for Addiction Medicine, and Larry Vander Plaats, L.M.S.W., C.A.A.C., Director of Substance Use Disorder Services, in making Pine Rest’s continuum of care for individuals with substance use disorders more seamless.

Dr. Springer and his practice staff have had a long-time contractual relationship with Pine Rest. The practice operates an outpatient Suboxone® clinic for the treatment of opioid addiction. The staff also provides substance abuse consultation to area hospitals. Dr. Springer’s Suboxone® clinic has been in a Pine Rest location for several years.

“This move brings together in a more formal way, the three areas of substance abuse services – Dr. Springer’s Suboxone® clinic, Pine Rest’s residential medically supervised detoxification program, and intensive outpatient substance use disorder services,” says Vander Plaats. “It creates an opportunity to build a multi-disciplinary team approach, which includes all disciplines, and will be used as the springboard for offering a full continuum of substance use disorder services.”

Dr. Springer’s practice offers services to people who have become dependent on narcotics. Suboxone® is a narcotic itself and is used as a replacement. It helps clients taper off the narcotics they’ve used with minimal withdrawal symptoms. Patients are carefully monitored during this process.

“This move for me and my staff is just a natural progression,” says Dr. Springer. “We are excited to be a part of Pine Rest and to help strengthen the addiction services available to the community.”

About Pine Rest

Pine Rest is one of the five largest free-standing behavioral health providers in the U.S., offering a full continuum of services including addiction treatment and recovery, extensive child and adolescent programs, senior care services, and Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT). In addition to the main campus in Grand Rapids, Pine Rest also has 16 outpatient locations throughout West Michigan and two in Iowa.

Pine Rest achieved a historic milestone in June 2010 when the organization marked 100 years of service to the greater Grand Rapids and national community. The Pine Rest Foundation observes an important milestone as well, 50 years of service. A year-long celebration began in fall 2010 – 100 years of innovation, countless healing moments.