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New Patient Safety Care Process Initiated At Pine Rest

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Service’s hospital based services recently initiated the CareAdmin barcode medication administration scanning system. It is a point-of-care process that allows the nurse to electronically match a drug to the patient.  

In June, nurses began using the technology of scanning a barcode on the patient’s wristband then scanning barcodes on individual medications prior to giving medication to a patient. This is in addition to the verbal verification of the patient’s name and date of birth.  

Nationally medication errors are among the most frequent medical mistakes, harming at least 1.5 million patients every year. These types of errors are significantly reduced through the use of technology designed to double-check medication orders and patient identification.  

“Barcode Medication Administration, when used correctly, has the potential to prevent 95% of medication errors,” says Pamela Hietbrink, RN, MSN, nursing informatics specialist, Pine Rest hospital based services. “Decreasing medication errors is one of the simplest ways we can improve patient safety, outcomes and satisfaction. It also reflects Pine Rest’s continuing efforts to uphold The Joint Commission’s national patient safety goals by focusing on areas identified as the highest priority in regards to patient safety and delivering quality care.  

This process is another source of verification that ensures the drugs are the same ones ordered by the physician and that the right patient will receive them. After confirmation, drugs are administered and the information is automatically transferred to the patient’s medication administration record. These small but significant steps help assure patient safety by verifying the “six rights” of medication administration. Following the process will electronically alert the nurse to any potential problems prior to medication administration.  

A patient’s six medication administration rights are: right patient, right medication, right dosage, right route, right time and right documentation.  

About Pine Rest
Pine Rest is one of the five largest free-standing behavioral health providers in the U.S., offering a full continuum of services including inpatient and partial hospitalization, residential and outpatient services, addiction treatment and recovery, extensive child and adolescent programs, senior care services, as well as specialized assessment and treatment clinics. In addition to the main campus in Grand Rapids, Pine Rest also has 16 outpatient locations throughout West Michigan and two in Iowa. Pine Rest achieved a historic milestone in June 2010 when the organization marked 100 years of service to the greater Grand Rapids and national community.