Media Releases

New Addiction Services Program

Pine Rest recently opened a unique residential treatment center to serve eligible members of the Hispanic/Latino culture struggling with substance abuse. The Hispanic Recovery Program (HRP) provides 24-hour residential treatment for Hispanic/Latino adults with substance abuse and/or co-occurring disorders.

The 12-bed program serves men and women ages 17 and above. All staff members are bilingual to meet the language needs of the Hispanic/Latino population seeking services. A critical component of the programming is that it offers a culturally sensitive environment for treatment.

Persons treated for substance use disorders may often have co-occurring mental health conditions. Treatment includes individual and group therapy as well as other educational and therapeutic activities. Length of treatment will vary according to the needs of the individuals being served.

ProjectRehab operated the program for several years before Pine Rest assumed the program recently. 

“We felt very strongly that the Hispanic Recovery Program had a proven track record and provided a vital service to the Hispanic/Latino community,” said Community and Residential Services Corporate Director Allen Jansen. “Pine Rest will continue to look for ways to best serve the various diverse cultures that make up the communities where we work and live.”

The service is located on the Pine Rest main campus at 300 68th Street. Admissions for this program should be directed to 281-0061.