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The Clinician's Guide to the DSM-5®

Date & Time

Friday, September 06, 2013
8:30 AM to 3:30 PM


Pine Rest Postma Center, 300 68th Street SE, Grand Rapids MI 49548
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$90 includes lunch; no charge for Pine Rest staff

Registration deadline: August 30, 2013

Featuring: Jack Klott, LMCSW


Controversy … change … and one of the most anticipated events in mental health history is here.  The DSM-5® (a registered trademark of the American Psychiatric Association) is going to change the way you view, diagnose and treat mental illness.

During this seminar you will gain an understanding of concepts that motivated the changes that are in the DSM-5®.  National speaker, author, and DSM expert, Jack Klott, will discuss the impact these changes will have on certain diagnoses and, most important, on the way you diagnose.

The DSM-5® is the most revolutionary DSM® publication since 1987 (DSM III-R). Diagnostics will be examined and explored for the purpose of enhancing your case conceptualization and understanding of your client’s behaviors.  Specific focus will be given to those diagnostic categories and classification that received the most dramatic reformulations and controversy.  In many ways, this book will enhance our understanding of the person we treat and go beyond a focus on behaviors. The essential focus of this seminar will be the DSM-5®’s application to treatment.



 Framework of the DSM-5®

  • A brief overview of 60 years of evolution
  • Criticisms of the DSM approach and how the DSM-5® approaches these issues
  • What is a Mental Disorder and what is NOT a Mental Disorder
  • New classification system
  • New coding system
  • A look at the DSM’s clinical implications and the impact on case conceptualization


  1. Examine selected diagnostic categories, their symptom criteria, and why some were changed.
  2. Develop a better understanding of diagnosing children and adolescents.
  3. Explore the nature and reasons for the Trauma Disorders classification and the implications for treatment.
  4. Identify the Severity Index and its uses: validating diagnosis, directing focus of treatment, evaluating treatment efficacy.
  5. Examine Section 3 of DSM-5®– not to be ignored and when and how to use these diagnostic categories.
  6. Discuss the DSM-5®’s expanded and comprehensive approach to suicide and self mutilation.
  7. Describe the special and controversial features of the DSM-5®which places it apart from the previous DSM manuals.

About the Speaker

Jack Klott is the Director of Suicide Prevention Consultants, a program of Klott Psychological Services, LLC, located in Grand Rapids Michigan. The focus of his forty-eight year career has been the treatment of men and women with co-occurring mental illnesses and addiction disorders. His specialty with this population has been their vulnerability to suicide.

Over the last twenty-five years he has taught and lectured extensively throughout the United States and Europe on issues of suicide, self-mutilation, co-occurring disorders, and, his real passion, the DSM. He is a “self-proclaimed” DSM historian often entertaining anyone who will listen on the history of this marvelous book. He is the author of “The Suicide and Homicide Risk Assessment and Treatment Planner” (Wiley & Sons, 2004), “The Co-occurring Disorders Treatment Planner” (Wiley & Sons, 2006), “Suicide and Psychological Pain” (Premier Publishing, 2012), and “The Self-medicating Mentally Ill: Integrated Treatment” (Wiley & Sons, 2013).


CEU Information

This training will provide six Social Work credits.

MCBAP credits and Nursing contact hours may be provided.

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services is an approved provider with the Michigan Social Work Continuing Education Collaborative.

Approved Provider Number: MICEC-0047.  CE hours are recognized by the Michigan Board of Social Work.