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Depression & Mood Disorders Blog

The articles in this blog are for individuals who are either seeking treatment for depression, already receiving services and those in recovery from depression as well as their family members. Written by members of the Pine Rest staff and individuals in recovery, topics will include everything from warning signs of a depressive episode to tools for day to day living.

  • Why Men Do Depression Differently

    Why Men Do Depression Differently

    Why DO men do depression differently? Traditional male roles are less traditional than ever before, yet males still tend to exude values of self-reliance, willpower, control and stoicism. All are of little use or consolation when it comes to overcoming…

  • Depression in the Pandemic Workplace: What Can We Do?

    Depression in the Pandemic Workplace: What Can We Do?

    By Bob VandePol, MSW The pandemic and all the ensuing uncertainty and disruption in our lives, communities and globally has fueled a surge of individuals reporting depression symptoms. Some surveys report as many as three times more than in a…

  • The Different Faces of Depression

    The Different Faces of Depression

    October is Depression Awareness Month With over 300 million experiencing depression worldwide, it is one of the most common mental health conditions that exists. Depression affects people of all ages, ethnicity, race, gender and income levels. Yet depression can look…

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“How do we HALT self-destructive behaviors? One way is to routinely monitor and take care of four aspects of our lives – Hunger/Hurt, Angry, Lonely, Tired – which can be remembered using the acronym H.A.L.T.”

– Jean Holthaus, LISW, “Putting a HALT to our Self-Destructive Behaviors

Woman holding up a sign reading "HALT"