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Depression & Mood Disorders

Older Adults & Depression

Depression in Older Adults: Red Flags & Risk Factors

Risk Factors

  • History of depression
  • History of anxiety, eating disorders or PTSD
  • Family history of depression, bipolar disorder, substance use disorder or suicide
  • Diagnosed with a serious medical condition such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, thyroid disorder, vitamin B12 deficiency, lupus, MS, Parkinson’s or substance use disorder
  • Family history of vascular illness
  • Recent traumatic or stressful event(s)

Red Flags

Patient has…

  • Sadness or feelings of despair
  • Unexplained or aggravated aches and pains
  • Loss of interest in socializing or hobbies
  • Weight loss or loss of appetite
  • Feelings of hopelessness or helplessness
  • Lack of motivation and energy
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Worries about being a burden
  • Slowed movement and speech
  • Increased use of alcohol or other drugs
  • Fixation on death; thoughts of suicide
  • Memory problems
  • Neglecting personal care

Checklist: What To Ask…

  • Are you basically satisfied with your life?
  • Have you dropped many of your activities and interests?
  • Do you feel that your life is empty?
  • Do you often get bored?
  • Are you in good spirits most of the time?
  • Are you afraid that something bad is going to happen to you?
  • Do you feel happy most of the time?
  • Do you often feel helpless?
  • Do you prefer to stay at home, rather than going out and doing new things?
  • Do you feel you have more problems with memory than most?
  • Do you think it is wonderful to be alive now?
  • Do you feel pretty worthless the way you are now?
  • Do you feel full of energy?
  • Do you feel that your situation is hopeless?
  • Do you think that most people are better off than you are?

How Pine Rest Can Help

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