Depression & Mood Disorders

Depression Insights

Depression Insights

We all feel sad sometimes and even go through periods of grief or experience feelings of failure or disappointment. But that is not depression.

Depression even in its mildest form, is more than an occasional period of sadness. Clinical depression is a serious medical illness that needs to be addressed and treated, just like any other serious medical illness.

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Depression and other mood disorders affect your mood, concentration, activity level, interests, appetite, social behavior and physical health. Left untreated, depression can have serious consequences to your health, relationships, career and ability to enjoy life.

Although depression one of the most common mental health conditions that exists, it remains misunderstood and stigmatized in general.

Many still believe that depression is simply like a bad mood that can be “snapped out of”. However, the truth is that depression is a serious health condition that needs a personalized treatment plan.

As debilitating as depression can be, it IS a highly treatable condition.

The vast majority of those who suffer from it can be effectively treated and return to a normal life, doing all of their regular, enjoyable activities.

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