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Mother & Baby Program

Mother & Baby Day Program

Call 616.455.9200 or 800.678.5500 for admissions.

TTY line available at 616.281.6446.

Mother & Baby Program

One of only a few in the country, the Pine Rest Mother and Baby Partial Program is a short-term, intensive day program for women experiencing significant symptoms of postpartum depression and other perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMAD).

Our program is unique in that it allows women to receive treatment in a setting which includes a nursery for their infants up to eight months of age. Not only does this approach enhance mother/baby bonding, it eliminates many obstacles to attending daily treatment such as separation from the baby, childcare arrangements and feeding issues.

(Childcare for children nine months and older may be able to be arranged through our partnership with the Safe Families Program operated by Bethany Christian Services.)

The program is for women who are pregnant or up to three years postpartum.

Our nursery is currently open for infants 8 months and younger.

Childcare for children 9 months and older can be arranged.


Services are provided by a multi-disciplinary treatment team specifically trained in perinatal mood disorders. The program includes meetings with a psychiatrist upon admission and at scheduled times before or after the program day.

Patients also meet individually with an advanced level practitioner for medication reviews, if needed, and a case manager. These professionals will work together with the patient and the rest of the multidisciplinary team to establish treatment goals, strategies and a comprehensive aftercare plan.


The Mother and Baby Program provides a number of benefits, including:


  • Quick access to care and prevention of hospitalization
  • Improved depression, mood disorder and anxiety symptoms
  • Supportive peer-to-peer environment by spending time with other women
  • Recommendations from PMD specialists for treatment options which take into consideration pregnancy and lactation
  • Skill-building to help mothers bond with their children and manage challenging symptoms
  • Follow-up with support groups after program completion is encouraged
  • Reduction of the long term effects of the illness on mother and children

Group Sessions

Daily group education and therapy sessions are led by a licensed clinician to help women learn the skills to cope with stress, anxiety and disturbing thoughts that may occur when caring for their children. Mothers are welcome to bring their babies to group sessions if they desire.

Group topics include:


  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Communication
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Emotional Management
  • Medication Education
  • Mother/Baby Bonding & Infant Massage
  • Nutrition for Mom and Baby
  • Relaxation
  • Self-care
  • Stress Management

Virtual Tour

Our warm and welcoming Mother Baby space is wonderfully equipped to meet the needs of you and your little one. In addition to group and individual therapy rooms, we have a nursery complete with gliders, cribs and diapering supplies, and an eat-in kitchenette. Soft pastels and calming finishes surround you at Mother Baby, to make you and your infant feel right at home.

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300 68th Street SE
Building E, Entrance E1
(Van Andel Center)
Grand Rapids, MI 49525

When arriving on campus, please follow the blue signs to Building E, Entrance E1.



Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.
Women attend daily and may enter the program any day of the week.

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Additional SERVICEs for PMAD

For immediate help, call our Contact Center at 800.678.5500. To schedule a new outpatient appointment, call 866.852.4001.