David UitdeFlesch, MA, CAAC, Limited Licensed Psychologist

I am a born again Christian who believes that the most effective way toward behavioral or internal change is with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and based on principles of the Word of God.

I was clinically trained at Western Michigan University and have a Master of Arts degree in Psychology and also substance abuse training from that institution. My undergraduate work was at Northwestern College, a Christian college in Orange City Iowa. I have since taken courses in Christian based counseling through the American Association of Christian Counselors of which I am a charter member.

I believe that in difficult times God seeks to draw us closer to him and it is my desire to see patients come to experience the fullness of grace. I understand that sometimes patients may want a Christian counselor and all that means to them is that the person providing counsel is a Christian; other patients want a Christian counselor and they are hoping that the materials discussed are Biblically sourced; and still other times, patients may want a Christian counselor who prays with them in session and counsels directly from Scripture – I am comfortable in each of those setting. There are others who do not consider it relevant if the counselor is a Christian at all and I am also able to work with them and meet them where ever they are in their lives as it relates to a spiritual journey.

I have worked with both church members and church attendees and those with no church background at all. I have counseled pastors who have struggled with church, personal, and mental health issues and my heart is that I want to help each person who comes to me at the place they are and with compassion and grace that I myself have experienced from God.

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David can be reached at the Northeast Clinic of Pine Rest by calling (616) 364-1500.