Contact Center

The Contact Center can be reached by calling 616/455-9200 or 800/678-5500. The Contact Center has a TTY line at 616/281-6446.

The Pine Rest Contact Center provides information about the full range of behavioral health services that Pine Rest offers. The Contact Center is staffed by mental health clinicians 24 hours a day, every day of the year. These experts assess the needs of each caller and direct callers to the appropriate service, including the Pine Rest and Saint Mary's inpatient and partial hospital psychiatric services.

Callers are also free to directly contact any of our less intensive services, such as a particular outpatient clinic or one of our residential programs.

Hospital Admissions, located in the Van Andel Center on the main campus, provides emergency evaluations and assessments for individuals of all ages, 24/7. Assessments are completed by masters-prepared mental health clinicians who develop a provisional diagnosis and treatment recommendations, which is presented to the admitting psychiatrist and nursing staff to facilitate admissions. The admission process may take one to two hours, as it includes the professional assessment, contact with insurance carriers, obtaining admitting orders, an explanation of patient rights, and more.  Because a professional service is provided, there is a fee charged and a patient’s insurance company may be billed. There is no prescribing physician in the Admissions Department.