Shreya Doshi

PhD, Licensed Psychologist

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Psychological Consultation Center
6500 Byron Center Ave SW, Suite 300
Byron Center, MI 49315

Patient Ages

  • Adult
  • Older Adult
Shreya Doshi participates in the Diversity Collective.

Are you ever curious about why you do things the way you do? Or how do you end up at the same place again and again?

Through experience and my training, I have learned the importance of the connection that we have to others and how it impacts the healing of us an individual. Being an adult immigrant has provided me with a unique understanding of the ways in which social position, religion, personality, culture, and past experiences uniquely impacts our lives. By extension, I have always actively strived to incorporate a multicultural perspective in my case conceptualization and treatment planning process. Over the years my definition of culture has become more inclusive, representing not only differences in race, ethnic identity, and socioeconomic status, but also differences in age, gender, religious affiliation, sexual identity, size, and disability status.

My job as a doctoral level therapist is to create a therapeutic environment which is culturally affirming and responsive. My practice is a space where BIPOC/AAPI and Queer individuals can explore the myriad of identities that may feel at odds with one another. As an inclusive therapist I believe that people with all identities and abilities in all bodies deserve equal access to quality mental health care.

If my bio has piqued your interest, then please do not hesitate to contact me. I can provide services in English, Hindi and Gujarati and am open to seeing you in-person at my office or virtually.


Testing & Assessment

  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD/ADD) evaluations
  • Diagnostic evaluations (Clarifying Mental Health Diagnoses)
  • Learning Difficulties/Learning Disorder evaluations
  • Personality Functioning evaluations
  • Psychological assessments
  • Socio-emotional Development evaluations
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We Can Help

Let our trained staff guide you in finding the right services to meet your needs. Call us today.

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