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Campus Clinic
300 68th Street SE, Building A, Entrance A2
Grand Rapids, MI 49548

Patient Ages

  • Adult
  • Older Adult

Cal is a Licensed Master’s Social Worker with the Campus Clinic. He earned his BA from Dordt College in 1977 and his MSSW from the University of Wisconsin in 1980. He began working at Pine Rest in 1982 as a Clinic Manager and a therapist. He works with adults and older adults.

Cal’s areas of clinical interest include post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety. Having been born into a minister’s family and raised in the parsonage, he’s interested in addressing the unique challenges of pastors and their families. Cal is interested in helping people heal within themselves and between themselves and the people they love. Cal sees therapy as a collaborative process, working together to achieve inner and relational healing.

Cal participates with Faith Community Outreach, an initiative within Pine Rest that seeks to connect area clergy, churches and ministries to services available from Pine Rest; as well as develop new services specifically designed to benefit the faith community.

Cal Meuzelaar participates in the Diversity Collective.

Faith Statement

In my lifetime, I have experienced several quiet but clear encounters with the sacred and the holy. A few have been sudden, intense, and profound and will never be forgotten. Other times I have felt despair and shame and utterly alone. Most of the time, there is no overwhelming joy or deepest depression, no intense presence or painful absence. Most often there is simply peace. These days, I know that God is with me, even when I’m messing up. Mostly, I’ve learned to feel secure in God’s love, even when I’m feeling guilt and shame.

This is a faith journey, not a faith statement. In the Bible, the Psalmists talk about their faith journey with incredible passion and depth and much more detail than what I’ve described. I don’t believe I and they are alone in this journey. I think this is a journey experienced by all of us.

Mental health and spiritual health are intertwined. Faith journeys are best not walked alone. Life is richer when we share our journeys. Healing is fuller and deeper when spiritual needs are addressed and spiritual resources are incorporated as part of the therapy process.



  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Depression
  • Spiritual/Religious Issues
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We Can Help

Let our trained staff guide you in finding the right services to meet your needs. Call us today.

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