Clinical Pastoral Education

On-Site Clinical Pastoral Education

On-Site CPE

Pine Rest has been an accredited location for Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) training since 1970.

CPE is a professional, experienced based education program, which allows each participant to develop their own pastoral ministry and leadership skills. The program is open to pastors, chaplains, seminary students, and lay persons.

  • Since 1970, Pine Rest’s CPE program has served over 1,000 seminarians, pastors, chaplains, and parish nurses.
  • Pine Rest offers Level I and Level II training. Specific level objectives and outcomes are available at the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education website.
  • Participants can take multiple units of CPE training through Pine Rest as they work toward board certification as professional chaplains through the Association of Professional Chaplains.
  • Pine Rest CPE students have come from across the United States, North and Central America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.
  • CPE student interns can complete their training at their own ministry location or at Pine Rest.
  • CPE Interns placed at Pine Rest are fully integrated into the treatment programs and provide spiritual care for patients and staff. Pine Rest’s CPE program is accredited through the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education.

The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc.

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Clinical Pastoral Education includes Pastoral Reflection, Pastoral Formation and Pastoral Competence. Pastoral Specialization may also be an option for 4th unit participants.

Affiliate Institutions


Pine Rest CPE has partnered with Resthaven in Holland to offer an additional location for CPE interns to gain their clinical experience in ministry. Resthaven is a faith-based senior health and living organization which offers independent living options, assisted living facilities, and skilled nursing care.

CPE interns serving at Resthaven will have a chaplain mentor on site to orient them to the facility and offer support and guidance as they provide spiritual care to Resthaven’s residents, families and staff. CPE interns will meet with their peer group on Pine Rest’s main campus in Cutlerville for CPE program components one day per week during the Fall Extended Unit, or two days per week during the Summer Unit.

CPE Components

The program is designed to train participants in pastoral care ministry through:

  • Active engagement in ministry
  • Reflection on pastoral experience
  • Assimilation of learning into ongoing ministry
  • Exploration of personal and pastoral identity
  • Examination of attitudes, values and assumptions
  • Reflections on relationships in ministry

Opportunities for clinical reflections occur in group settings, individual supervision and seminars with professionals from other disciplines.


Pine Rest CPE: Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

  • Pine Rest has a Christian heritage in which compassion, care, openness and hospitality are at the center of all we do.
  • Pine Rest CPE welcomes and honors women and men of diverse faith traditions, spiritualities and existential beliefs as well as all race, ethnicity, and cultural backgrounds.
  • Pine Rest CPE desires a diverse group of chaplains and CPE participants to bring a range of experiences and perspectives to our reflective learning process and spiritual care.

Denominations Participating in CPE

Pine Rest CPE Interns represent a diverse, broad range of denominations, including:
• Reformed Church in America • Christian Reformed Church • Baptist • Roman Catholic • United Church of Christ • Episcopal • Evangelical Lutheran Church of America • Evangelical Presbyterian • Pentecostal • Non-Denominational • Church of God • 7th Day Adventist • United Methodist • Evangelical Covenant • Independent Free Church of America • Disciples of Christ • Wesleyan • Lutheran Church Missouri Synod • Presbyterian Church (USA) • Anglican • Antiochian Orthodox

Application Form

Please click to access a PDF application.

You may also access the application from the Association For Clinical Pastoral Education Website

Completed applications, along with the $75.00 non-refundable application fee, should be mailed to: ATTN: Pastoral Services & CPE, Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services, Attention Pastoral Services, 300 68th St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49548