Clinical Pastoral Education

Clinical Pastoral Education

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

  • Pine Rest has a Christian heritage in which compassion, care, openness and hospitality are at the center of all we do.
  • Pine Rest CPE welcomes and honors women and men of diverse faith traditions, spiritualities and existential beliefs as well as all race, ethnicity, and cultural backgrounds.
  • Pine Rest CPE desires a diverse group of chaplains and CPE participants to bring a range of experiences and perspectives to our reflective learning process and spiritual care.

Our History of Training

Since 1970, Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services has been providing Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) to help pastors and seminarians develop pastoral care skills, self-awareness and spiritual leadership. The CPE program is designed to train participants in pastoral care ministry through:

  • Active engagement in ministry
  • Reflection on ministry experience
  • Assimilation of learning into ongoing ministry

Opportunities for clinical reflections occur in group settings, under individual supervision and through seminars where participants have the chance to network and engage with professionals from other disciplines.

Our Programs

Pine Rest offers On-Site CPE Programs in Grand Rapids, Michigan and a Distance Learning Collaborative Program for pastors from both CRC and RCA churches throughout the United States and Canada.

On-Site CPE Programs

Pine Rest has been an accredited location for CPE training since 1970.

CPE is a professional, experienced based education program, which allows each participant to develop their own pastoral ministry and leadership skills. The program is open to pastors, chaplains, seminary students, and lay persons.

CPE Distance Learning Collaborative

Building Collaboration Between the CRC & the RCA

Pine Rest CPE program serves as an excellent forum for Christian Reformed Church (CRC) and Reformed Church in America (RCA) seminary students, ministerial candidates, and congregational pastors to learn together, work together, and support each other in ministry. 


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