Client Feedback

“I feel like I have more control over where I place my attention. I’ve been able to stand up for myself, let the negative things go and hold on to the positive things in my life.”

“The most positive changes I’ve noticed in my life since beginning DBT have been decreased impulsive behaviors and increased control over my attention/focus and emotions. I used to think that it wasn’t possible to control my emotions. I let them control me.”

“In my own experience, looking back, I have had a lot of therapy. DBT is the one that has made the difference for a happier, stable life. It works.”

“Where do I begin? I am a whole new person. I have learned to accept things as they are (more often than not). It sure does make life a whole lot easier. I have learned so many skills to handle life when things are very unstable or emotional or stressful. I have learned how and when to ask for what I need. I have learned to ask for help and that it is okay to ask.”

“I feel more in control of my life instead of life just happening to me. I have learned ways to change my experience of life by using DBT skills such as Distress Tolerance, Mindfulness, willingness and acceptance, and emotional experiencing. I believe that life isn’t as likely to get out of control or that I’m just going to have to be sad because I can choose thoughts and actions that positively affect my life.”

“If you work hard and work the program, your quality of life will improve. It works!"