Change Management Consultation

Change is the one constant in every organization and business. In order to survive and thrive in today's economic climate, organizational change must be managed effectively.

Research demonstrates that organizations that integrate change management plans and strategies with their business improvement plans are more likely to meet their goals on time and on budget.

Change management is the application of a process and tools for leading the PEOPLE side of change to a successful outcome. Organizations successfully change to the extent that the individuals within the organization change.

Change management includes

  • Managing resistance to change
  • Building sponsorship
  • Listening to employee feedback
  • Communications
  • Coaching employees through the transition
  • Providing knowledge on how to change

Pine Rest BHS can help in the following ways

  • Prepare for change by assistance in defining your change strategy, preparing your change management team and developing your sponsorship model
  • Manage change through the evelopment of change mangement plans and implmentation of those plans
  • Reinforce change by collecting and analyzing feedback, addressing gaps, managing resistance, implementing corrective actions, and celebrating successes

Certified in the Prosci research based approach to change, Pine Rest's change management experts can help your organization to not only survive but thrive.

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“Organizations are coming to us and saying, ‘Come alongside and consult, manage, or in some way, partner.’” -Scott Wagner, Pine Rest Vice President of Behavioral Health Solutions