Brett Van Tol PhD, Licensed Psychologist

The Christian faith taught to me by my parents has been my faith, too, from a very early age.  Taught from a Christ-centered world view, I take this perspective with me into my role as a psychologist. 

M. Scott Peck so aptly began his book, The Road Less Traveled, with the sentence, “Life is difficult.”  It is in both the joys and the difficulties of our life in these broken bodies that our faith is shaped and molded.  Often, however, it is in the difficulties that we become keenly aware of our dependence on God for strength and redemption. 

As a psychologist practicing from a Christ-centered perspective, I strive to help individuals understand the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual views of the issues we face and deal with in our daily lives.  I attempt to do this with compassion and understanding for the difficult journey many of us encounter as we walk through life.


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Brett can be reached at the Grand Haven Clinic by calling 616-847-5145.