Behavioral Health Services for Organizations

Behavioral Health Services for Organizations

Telepsychiatry For Organizations

Expand access to behavioral health care at your organization with telepsychiatry.

Expert care. Anywhere.

Your patients can get expert care with telepsychiatry, which uses secure video conference technology for face-to-face appointments with highly qualified mental health providers. We screen and select telespychiatrists, then match them to your culture and your needs. We’re removing geographical barriers to care with telepsychiatry, which enables real-time, high quality appointments using secure video chat technology.

With telepsychiatry, you can create a compassionate, healing environment for your patients.

Our Services

We make it possible for you to implement telepsychiatry within your organization by:

  • Providing telepsychiatrists that match your culture and volume needs
  • Assisting you to maximize payor reimbursement
  • Helping you adhere to telepsychiatry regulations including HIPAA, CMS consents for care and other special circumstances
  • Identifying high quality, cost-conscious hardware and software solutions or intensifying with your telemedicine system
  • Credentialing and overseeing telepsychiatrists using standards applied to other Pine Rest psychiatrists
  • Weekend, weekday, evening, part time and full time options
  • Assistance with project planning and implementation support to meet your needs

Organizations that can benefit from telepsychiatry

  • Community mental health organizations
  • Emergency rooms
  • Eldercare facilities
  • Inpatient hospitals
  • Jails, prisons, corrections
  • Multi-site coverage
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Population health strategy
  • Primary care practices
  • Residential services

Here to help.

We can provide psychiatry where you need it. Telepsychiatry can expand your behavioral health care access. Our telepsychiatrists see patients in over 45 Michigan locations every week.

For more information about telepsychiatry for your organization, please contact:

Derek Doughty
Telepsychiatry Program and Project Manager
Behavioral Health Solutions


“After a short time, the patient and the provider connect in a way that makes them forget they’re not physically in the same room.”

– A Telepsychiatry Client

Frequently Asked Questions

We have been providing telepsychiatry services to agencies all over Michigan since 2012

Our telepsychiatrists have seen patients in every major setting with a behavioral health need including:

  • outpatient behavioral health clinics
  • primary care offices
  • inpatient behavioral health units
  • emergency departments
  • acute care hospitals
  • residential homes

We’re currently providing telepsychiatry services in over 60 locations throughout Michigan.


Our telepsychiatrists are a part of our medical staff. We credential and privilege our telepsychiatrists in all of the same ways as our in-person psychiatrists in our outpatient clinics and inpatient hospital so that we can provide the same top-quality care virtually as we provide in person.


As part of our matching process, we ensure our telepsychiatrist is a strong fit for your organization, team and patients by working closely with you throughout the process.


We will help you get started with telemedicine by providing information and training specific to your staff, your patients and your facility.

“[Pine Rest Telepsychiatry Services] kept our hospital going!”

– A Psychiatry Director