Supporting your mission and bottom line with seamless solutions.

Our customized solutions can help you improve and expand:


Increase your census by making behavioral health services easily available to your patients.

Financial performance.

Create efficiencies that improve outcomes, expand patient volume and improve patient flow. Uncover opportunities for increased reimbursement and improved negotiation strength.


Enhance your organization’s reputation by ensuring your behavioral health services measure up to your quality standards. Physicians, nurses and quality leaders can all benefit from our support.

Psychiatry staffing.

Get help with recruiting, staff support and management of your psychiatric department with a program designed to meet your unique needs.


Launch new programs (or improve underperforming ones) with innovative, outcome-based support in planning, building and managing programs and facilities.

Treatment models.

Develop, implement and manage psychiatry models to complement your current offerings. New approaches can help you meet needs in your community and provide new revenue streams.

Improve Access With…

  • Psychiatric consultations / psychiatry group management, recruiting, employing and managing psychiatric staff who work collaboratively with your hospital nursing and leadership staff.
  • Referral systems to improve the assessment and flow from emergency departments and community mental health organizations.
  • Telepsychiatry services using high quality video conferencing technology to expand access to qualified psychiatrists while eliminating geographic constraints. Inpatient, outpatient or ED applications.

Improve Quality With…

BHS - Quality Service

  • Metrics in key areas.
  • Consultation liaison to improve medical-surgical patient outcomes.
  • Educational modules to train leadership and unit staff on medication safety, managing high acuity, suicide education and other topics.
  • Leadership mentoring to improve operations, increase competency and conquer challenges.
  • Model design development to maximize effectiveness by evaluating current staffing and skill mix, as well as identifying opportunities for mid-level providers and psychiatrists to collaborate in new ways.
  • Population health strategies to enhance professional collaboration, better serve communities and rein in excessive health care costs.
  • Quality and regulatory assessment and compliance to help organizations set quality goals and implement best practices with credentialing, training and peer accountability.
  • Primary care – psychiatry consultation models

Expand Operations With…

BHS - Expand Performance

  • Business plan development including market analysis, feasibility studies, service line assessments and growth plans.
  • Creation of new services from program development to recruitment and implementation.
  • Inpatient volume initiatives to leverage untapped opportunities.
  • Program implementation ranging from program design to recruitment, staffing and onboarding.

Get Better Results With…

  • BHS - Boost financialFacility reviews to evaluate risk and develop solutions.
  • Mock behavioral health surveys to prepare for accreditation.
  • Reimbursement strategies to assess current practices, identify improvement opportunities and strengthen your position during payer negotiations.

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