Partnering with you to serve your community

Pine Rest has been working alongside medical organizations helping them fill the gaps in behavioral health services for more than a dozen years. As one of Michigan’s leading mental health providers, and one of the nation’s largest, Pine Rest is a qualified resource on behavioral health care. Our relationships with medical communities are many and varied.

Our partnering philosophy is simple.

  • Local care is best if possible.
  • We partner when we are invited into a community.
  • We have expertise and leadership resources in behavioral health. However, you know your community best and we respect and value coming along side your community.

Consult. Staff. Manage. Partner. Support. Build. And more. We work well with primary care practices, hospitals, management groups, and health plans. And we respect your local culture, weaving our services into the fabric of our clients’ facilities and practices.

Just as importantly, we’re mental health providers ourselves. That means we face the same changes and challenges you do—every day. And we continually draw from that experience to provide creative solutions that support your work in your community.

Pine Rest Behavioral Health Solutions can help you:

  • Improve your bottom line
  • Establish high quality services
  • Provide staffing & management support
  • Expand & improve services
  • Develop, implement & manage psychiatry models

“Pine Rest is here. They’re visible. They want to be involved. With a national company, you don’t always get that.” - Kim Maguire, Mercy Health Partners Chief Nursing Officer

Improve Your Bottom Line

Our experiences here at Pine Rest, and in the hospitals and practices with which we work, give us critical insight into the economic challenges and opportunities in providing behavioral health services.

There is understanding. We’re providers ourselves, facing the same challenges you do every day. And every day, Pine Rest Behavioral Health Solutions work to improve the numbers, create efficiencies, improve the care outcomes, build patient volume, increase reimbursement, and negotiate with health plans and managed care in facilities across the regions. We’ve created a model of community-based behavioral health care that has endured and thrived for over 100 years.

We’ll show you how we’re staying at the forefront of all aspects of balanced healthcare and financial management—for our organization and for our medical health care partners.

Talk to us about:

  • Comprehensive assessments of behavioral health programs
  • Initiatives to improve inpatient volume
  • Management services
  • Negotiation and contracting for improved reimbursement
  • Growth and collaboration with the Pine Rest system
  • Consultation in a targeted area

Establish High Quality Service

You may operate other medical services, emergency departments and primary care services. Our goal is to help your behavioral health services meet or exceed your quality expectations of your other services.

Pine Rest has developed a 22-clinic network, partial programs for multiple age groups and a variety of niche services. We understand the unique accreditation, licensing, reimbursement and staffing challenges involved in service expansion in behavioral health. We can assist you in developing new services that complement what you have, meet community gaps and provide new revenue streams. We can also help you predict reimbursement and avoid starting services that might not give you the outcomes you expect.

Provide Staffing & Management Support

At Pine Rest, we understand psychiatric services and what’s required to make them work—the facilities, staffing, management, and the financials. Staffing levels are often puzzling in psychiatric care. We can help you design a nursing and non-nursing staffing pattern that fits the needs of your population and acuity. We know how to run successful psychiatric programs and find good people and we put that to use for our medical partners, like you, who rely on us for highly individualized staffing and management support.

Pine Rest Behavioral Health Solutions can co-locate clinicians in group practices. We can staff, manage, or co-manage psychiatric departments in hospitals across the state and the region—all our partnerships are individually crafted to reflect our clients’ need and interests—often they’re delivered with no outward sign of our presence. We work seamlessly within your environment.

Talk to us about:

  • Psychiatry models and staffing
  • Contract managing your psychiatric services
  • Nursing staffing levels
  • Co-locating clinicians in your primary care group practice
  • Recruiting psychiatry staff
  • Providing telespychiatry
  • Consulting on staffing efficiencies using Lean principles
  • Staff contracting and oversight
  • Creative co-location and partnership arrangements

Expand & Improve Performance

Pine Rest knows how to manage behavioral health programs that work. We support you in new program development.

Talk to us if you’re thinking about adding programs—improving outcomes—or looking for a partner in managing or delivering programs. You can benefit from our expert support in planning, building, or managing programs and facilities.

We’re outcome based. We can help you measure and track results and put them to use. And we’re innovative. We’ve established creative arrangements to co-locate services and have even sited pilot programs in partnership with our medical and health plan partners.

If you have a behavioral health program that’s underperforming or a program you’d like to launch, get in touch with us. We know how to make it work. And work smoothly.

Talk to us about:

  • Assessments and recommendations on service quality and regulatory compliance
  • Working with your regulatory staff to keep behavioral health in compliance and improving quality
  • Developing new services to supplement existing services
  • Developing new programs
  • Co-locating behavioral health and primary care medical services
  • Establishing creative partnerships to expand or improve services
  • Establishing pilot programs in coordination with health plans
  • Developing outcomes products
  • Developing change management plans, strategies and practices

Coordinate With Health Plans

Pine Rest has been working with health plans on behavioral health services for longer than just about anyone. Our medical partners rely on us to understand the intricacies of reimbursement and to design programs and services that reflect that understanding.

What’s more, our strong relationships with health plans give us opportunities to innovate new solutions for your needs—we’re working to coordinate new programs, pay for performance options and services that meet the HEDIS and other outcome needs of health plans. Talk to us about how we can leverage these experiences to design successful strategies for your behavioral health clients.

 Talk to us about:

  • Maximizing reimbursement
  • Consultation to health plans
  • Establishing pilot programs in coordination with health plans

For More Information

For more information about management, consulting and staffing services for your medical organization, please contact: 

Scott Wagner, MSW, MBA
Vice President,
Behavioral Health Solutions

Please call 800/678-5500 if you are in crisis or need immediate assistance. This is our Contact Center which is staffed 24/7.


“Organizations are coming to us and saying, ‘Come alongside and consult, manage, or in some way, partner.’” -Scott Wagner, Pine Rest Vice President of Behavioral Health Solutions