Adult Partial Hospitalization Program Now Available Virtually

Adult Partial Hospitalization Program Now Available Virtually

April 13, 2020

Smiling woman using tablet while inside homeEffective April 13, Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services Adult Partial Hospitalization Program is reopening by using Telehealth Services. The initial evaluation and first day of treatment will take place in-person on the Cutlerville campus. All follow-up treatment for this day program will be conducted via the HIPAA-compliant telehealth service. Staff members will assist patients in getting access to the telehealth service.

“Our system has already successfully implemented the telehealth care model for outpatient visits, intensive outpatient therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) groups and psychiatry,” said Rhonda Brink, director for Pine Rest’s Partial Hospitalization Programs. “We’re pleased to be able to create a model that helps us continue to provide access to this important care level.”

If a person is interested in learning more about this program, go to visit the Adult Partial Hospitalization Program web page or call the Contact Center at 616.455.9200 or 800.678.5500 and schedule an initial evaluation. Calls are answered 24/7.

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