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The articles in this blog are for individuals seeking treatment, already receiving services and those in recovery as well as their family members. Written by members of the Pine Rest staff and Retreat Center alumni, topics will include everything from warning signs of a substance use disorder to tools for living in recovery.

  • Seven Tips for a Happier, Healthier Life

    Seven Tips for a Happier, Healthier Life

    Reap the benefits of being kind to yourself! Prioritizing a good night’s sleep, positive self-talk, using vacation time and intentional self-care can have some surprising benefits for your productivity, longevity, confidence, weight and relationships.

  • Why Men Do Depression Differently

    Why Men Do Depression Differently

    Why DO men do depression differently? Traditional male roles are less traditional than ever before, yet males still tend to exude values of self-reliance, willpower, control and stoicism. All are of little use or consolation when it comes to overcoming…

  • Addiction is an Abusive Relationship

    Addiction is an Abusive Relationship

    Note: The comparison of the addictive process is not intended to trivialize intimate partner violence and other kinds of abusive relationships, but rather to emphasize how damaging addiction can be and how much its victims are in need of help….

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“How do we HALT self-destructive behaviors? One way is to routinely monitor and take care of four aspects of our lives – Hunger/Hurt, Angry, Lonely, Tired – which can be remembered using the acronym H.A.L.T.” – Jean Holthaus, LISW, “Putting a HALT to our Self-Destructive Behaviors”

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