Annual Reports

Pine Rest Annual Report

Our mission calls us to be always thinking about improving access to behavioral health services—making it easier for people to receive care that will alleviate their suffering. Today that means providing better access to care through programs that are available in a timelier manner, in a more convenient location, and positioned for the best outcomes. Our breadth of talent and resources position us perfectly to contribute to research that can help establish new treatments and provide better outcomes to patients. We strive for not just access to services…but access for everyone to wellness and hope.

2019 Access Impact Report



For the past several years, we at Pine Rest have been working toward our vision of solving the behavioral health access problem in the communities we serve through partnerships. This report is a glimpse into a few of the milestones on the journey to make that vision a reality.

Several times a week I hear a story about a family that is suffering because a loved one has a mental health issue, and multiple barriers exist to getting necessary care. Families come with a lot of legitimate questions: Who should we see for care? How long will I have to wait to get care? How will we pay for this? How can I get care if I don’t have transportation?

Just as there are many barriers to care, there are many kinds of solutions to overcoming those barriers. This report highlights a few of those:

  • Increase the number of providers in our region by becoming an extraordinary training center for those called to the field of behavioral health
  • Launch new programs like the Psychiatric Urgent Care Center, which reduces wait times from months
    to minutes
  • Overcome geographic barriers to care through the use of telepsychiatry and teletherapy
  • Bridge the financial gap through the Patient Assistance Fund

But we can’t solve the access problem alone. We are deeply committed to partnerships with other healthcare organizations, businesses, churches, payers, schools and other institutions who are ready to work together to make behavioral health services available to everyone who needs it. Our growing workforce of over 1,800 staff members is committed to this goal. And we are grateful for your support of Pine Rest over the past year.

Mark Eastburg, PhD
President & CEO
Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services