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Holland Recovery Group a.k.a. Change Talk Group

Registration is required to attend the Holland Recovery Group. We welcome all who struggle with some level of addiction to alcohol or drugs, so call the clinic 616.820.3780 for more information or to register.

Meetings will resume in the new year. Check back here in January 2023.

The Pine Rest Holland Clinic provides group therapy for men and women struggling with addiction, age 18 and older. Research shows group therapy to be the most effective form of treatment for persons with addiction, since they can learn from each other’s real world experiences and benefit from the support.

Attendees can expect to learn:
• Early core recovery skills
• Relapse prevention skills
• Building support networks
• Managing difficult emotions and behaviors
• Introduction to the 12 Steps

Once registered, individuals may join the group at any time. New members are accepted upon request. The length of time an individual participates in the group is determined with their input and clinical needs. Many people are active in both individual and group therapy.


Printer-friendly Holland Recovery Group flyer  

Location Details

This is a virtual event for the Holland Clinic.

Event Schedule

This group does not have any dates scheduled.
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