Who Benefits From DBT?

Individuals who may benefit from DBT include adolescents 14 years of age through high school and adults who:

  • May have been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder


Or are experiencing some of the following:

  • Chronic suicidal thoughts
  • Multiple suicide attempts
  • Self-mutilation such as cutting, burning, piercing for the experience of the piercing
  • Disordered eating; weight and body image issues
  • Serial problematic relationships
  • Over-spending
  • Alcohol and other drug use (after a period of sobriety)
  • Isolation and chronic feeling of emptiness
  • Emotional and behavioral distress related to issues of chronic pain


DBT may also be a benefit for individuals whose treatment to this point (individual outpatient therapy, psychiatric hospitalizations, residential treatment programs, substance abuse treatment, etc.) has not been as effective as desired.

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