Research offers the opportunity for our staff and patients to become involved in novel and innovative approaches to psychiatric care. By partnering with the biotechnology community, industry, and academia-based research programs, Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services is also established as an institution dedicated to advancing the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders.

For more information, our research staff can be reached at 616/222-4592 or

Recent research studies include:

  • Field Testing of the Computerized Adaptive Testing - Depression Inventory (CAT-DI)
  • Correlating Depression Symptoms and Suicidality to Inflammatory Biomarkers for Depression
  • Programs to Monitor Prescription Drug Abuse in the United States
  • The Impact of Forgiveness and Spiritual Distress in an Inpatient Psychiatric Setting
  • Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) for Agitation and Aggression in Dementia
  • Assessing Trauma and Grief in Children
  • Severe Mental Illness in Adults and Physical Outcomes
  • Psychoeducational Intervention on Health Promoting Behaviors and Physical Health
  • Primary Care Management of Adolescent Depression Prior to Hospitalization
  • The Evaluation of the Clinical Impact of the Antidepressant Pharmacogenomic Algorithm in anĀ Outpatient Clinical Setting: A Randomized Double Blind Pilot Study

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