Meet PR Connect

Abigayle Sloan
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
Grand Valley State University
PR Connect Chair

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I believe nearly every human can define their life's purpose with a single word. Mine is "service." I focus my time, talent and financial support in three main areas: Christian faith-based, education and health. Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services is an organization that fulfills all of these areas, and therefore it has been a calling to dedicate myself to spreading the good news about the services and programs offered at Pine Rest. I am one of the founding members of PR Connect and currently a co-chair, working alongside a group of inspiring, creative and motivating young professionals. Each of us has our own story about how mental/behavioral health has impacted us personally. We believe the more we share our stories and the stories of the survivors in our community, the sooner we begin to heal. If you're interested in getting involved with PR Connect, please contact me. I'd love to meet with you!

Mark Breon
Community Relations Officer
Lake Michigan Credit Union
PR Connect Board Member 

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I currently work as the Community Relations Officer for Lake Michigan Credit Union, where I collaborate with community partners and seek opportunities to improve our communities. I am a believer in giving back, and practice this by participating with several community boards and organizations. I currently serve as the Recruitment Chair for PR Connect, seeking out new members to join and support the efforts of our board and of Pine Rest. I want to do my part to break down stigmas around mental health care, and ensure that everyone realizes the benefits of having a stellar organization like Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services as a part of our community.

Danielle Josephine DeWitt
Donor Relations and Stewardship Manager
Grand Valley State University

PR Connect Board Member
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I am currently the Donor Relations and Stewardship Manager at Grand Valley State University, making sure that each and every donor sees the impact of their gift and is thanked appropriately. I am also the Co-Chair of the Partnerships & Recognition Committee on the board of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Grand Rapids. I decided to get involved with PR Connect because I was treated by a therapist at Pine Rest in my young adult years, and this is an opportunity to give back and share their mission and message with the community. I can honestly say that Pine Rest saved my life and look forward to not only sharing Pine Rest’s mission and message with the community, but also letting people know it’s okay to ask for help when we need it.

Ryan Slusarzyk
Corporate Business Travel Sales Manager
Amway Corporation
PR Connect Board Member
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I currently work as a Global Project Manager for the Amway Corporation in their nutrition business. In my free time, I work with several non-profit organizations in a multitude of capacities from board representation, to committee chairman, to volunteer. I enjoy being part of PR Connect because of its mission to breakdown stigmas associated with mental and behavioral health treatments. I am committed to being an advocate of Grand Rapids and helping those in need.

Latricia Trice
Senior Marketing Communications Director
Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce
PR Connect Board Member
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I work as the Senior Director of Marketing and Communications for the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce. In my role, I am responsible for creating and executing marketing strategies and leading communications initiatives. Volunteering is an important part of my personal life and I believe strongly in giving back to the community through service. I enjoy being a part of PR Connect and supporting its goal to raise awareness about mental and behavioral health treatment and services.

Amanda Van Essen
Van Essen and Associates PLLC
PR Connect Board Member
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I am the founder of Van Essen and Associates PLLC, a small law firm in Hudsonville, MI and a First Lieutenant in the JAG Corp of the Michigan National Guard Reserves. I joined PR Connect because of my passion for advocating for increased access to mental health treatment and improving the public perception of mental illness. I believe improving public awareness, perception is crucial to be able to change public policy and improve both access to care, and treatment options for those in need.

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