Support Groups & Classes

At our Des Moines Clinic:

Reclaim Your Life: How To Manage Chronic Pain
Chronic pain can affect the decisions you make and the very quality of your life. It can impact your ability to function and cause you to lose control of your pain. We are offering “Reclaim Your Life: How to Manage Chronic Pain,” a program to help you manage your pain and regain control over your quality of life. 

Gardening 4 Life
Mental health is a lot like gardening. We need solid grounding. When we grieve it feels like pruning, but it is necessary in order to work through hurts and losses. Through this process we learn how to let go of lies or myths we thought were true. Then we grow and prosper as we participate in a grateful community. All along the way we need to soak up the nourishment God provides for life

At our Pella Clinic:

Postpartum Depression: Reducing Your Risk 
Perinatal Mood Disorders are the most common complication of childbirth, affecting 15%-20% of women. Perinatal Mood Disorder (PMD) is the term used to describe depression, anxiety or psychosis that occurs during pregnancy or up to a year after giving birth. You can reduce your risk by making a plan. Let our staff help you and your support person learn warning signs of PMD, identify and strengthen your resources, learn actions to increase health and reduce risk and get information on postpartum community resources. 

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