Support Groups & Classes

At our Des Moines Clinic:

Reclaim Your Life: How To Manage Chronic Pain
Chronic pain can affect the decisions you make and the very quality of your life. It can impact your ability to function and cause you to lose control of your pain. We are offering “Reclaim Your Life: How to Manage Chronic Pain,” a program to help you manage your pain and regain control over your quality of life. 

 At our Pella Clinic:

Pathway to Health: Mind, Body & Soul
Ready to try a different approach to fitness? Pathway to Health involves more than exercise, eating right, and willpower. True wellness addresses our entire being—body, soul, and mind. We all face similar challenges to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, however, we are also all very different—what we’re motived by, what we enjoy, what our obstacles are. Pathway to Health will help you gain insight into issues which directly affect your success with a fitness program and will equip you with tools to help you live a more fulfilling life.

The Pathway to Health Program includes sessions with a certified Personal Trainer, membership to the Pella Rec Center, and a six-week class entitled “Training Your Mind.” We will teach you proven strategies for the common challenges people face when they begin a fitness program, help you set realistic fitness and weight goals, find your motivation to exercise, develop strategies to stick to your program, and confront habits which may get in the way of your success.

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