Employee Assistance Program

Through Pine Rest's Employee Assistance Program (EAP), employers have access to a variety of services to assist their employees personally and directly, as well as services to assist and train managers and other employees in dealing with difficult employees/co-workers and difficult situations.

New News

Being pregnant and having a newborn baby are often blessed times.  But, what about when they are not?  What can a new mom or dad do and where can they go for help?  Pine Rest has a new program to help new moms and pregnant women who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders. Our Mother and Baby Program is a day program that allows women who are pregnant or postpartum to get treatment along with their babies. It is one of only two such specialty programs in all of the United States!  The program is a more intensive program when meeting with a therapist 1x a week is not enough. 

The program runs Monday through Friday from 9:00am until 3:30pm. While in the program, women are offered group therapy, individual time with a therapist and a psychiatrist, and attend classes on topics such as relationships, coping skills, medication, anger management, relationships, nutrition, body image, bonding with baby, and many more. The program teaches skills to manage scary thoughts, deal with worries and anxieties, and helps plan for continued healing. On average, women receive treatment for 5-7 days.  

For more information, visit http://www.pinerest.org/mother-baby-postpartum-depression-treatment.  [Please note: While participation in the full program is not covered by your Assistance Benefit, it is often covered by traditional health insurance and there are expert clinicians in the Pine Rest system who have specialty training in Perinatal Mood Disorders and those outpatient visits are covered by your benefit!]

Contracted Services
Employees and members of their household can receive confidential, comprehensive services at no cost to them. Their employer contracts with Pine Rest to provide:

  • 24-hour, 7-day access to a Pine Rest counselor through a special Hotline number within one hour of initial contact
  • Telephone consultation with a Pine Rest psychologist or clinical social worker
  • Face-to-face professional consultation if needed within 48 business hours of initial contact at any of 18 West Michigan clinic locations
  • A limited number of face-to-face sessions with Pine Rest therapist at no cost to the employee
  • Assessment and, if indicated, referral to an appropriate treatment provider
  • substance abuse/addictions assessment, referral, and consultation
  • Unlimited Management consultation
  • Leadership Training workshops plus three on-site educational presentations per year on topics such as stress, conflict management, dealing with difficult people, and more.


All individuals accessing the EAP will speak with a qualified Pine Rest counselor or therapist. Self-referral early in the concern is highly recommended, although an employer can refer an employee.

Non-contracted and Single Use Services
In addition to its EAP services; Pine Rest also offers area businesses a variety of non-contracted and single use services. These services can be accessed on a fee-for-service basis as a particular need arises. This includes:

Educational Presentations
Businesses can access the many experts on Pine Rest's Speaker's Bureau and arrange for a special informational presentation either on-site or at a location of the business's choosing. Past topics of interest have included family concerns, balancing work and family, stress management, spirituality, and more. Cost varies by presenter.

Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT)
Pine Rest can provide a team of mental health professionals to help employees deal with unforeseen traumatic events such as a workplace accident involving the death of a co-worker, suicide of a co-worker, and more. All CIRT members receive specialized training in critical incident stress debriefing, and include doctorate and master's level professionals in the areas of social work, psychology, education, divinity, and nursing. A team normally consisting of two clinicians can be on-site within 24-72 hours of the critical incident, and can help workers deal with the facts, begin to process their feelings, and learn what normal reactions they can expect to experience. Cost is $150/hour/clinician. If you are in need of a CIRT, please call Pine Rest's Contact Center at 616/455.9200.

Psychological Consultation Center (PCC)
Pine Rest's experienced PCC psychologists provide testing for workplace violence, ADHD, fitness for duty, substance abuse/addictions assessment, treatment recommendations, case management, and more. Contact the PCC for cost information.

Relevant and Informative On-Line PDF Articles

Businesses and employees can read and download the Today magazine which features a wide range of articles and information on numerous workplace and mental health topics of value.  These full articles are a sample of the clinical excellence and compassion found at Pine Rest.  Topics addressed include: stress management, effective communication, addressing substance abuse, marriage and family issues, ADHD, and a host of other relevant topics.  Click here for the full list of Today magazines.

To learn more about EAP and other services Pine Rest offers to area businesses, contact Bob VandePol at (616) 281-6305.

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Services for Employers

To learn more about Pine Rest's Employee Assistance Program and other services Pine Rest offers to area businesses, contact Bob VandePol at (616) 281-6305.