Employee Assistance Program | Additional Information

Hotline Number

A special hotline telephone number given to all employee members provides 24-hour, 7-day access to a Pine Rest counselor within one hour of initial contact for a professional telephone consultation. Counselors are members of the Pine Rest staff and include psychologists and clinical social workers. During the initial call, members and anyone in their household may request information, discuss personal problems, obtain assistance in problem assessment and/or resolution, or request a referral to an appropriate Pine Rest therapist at any of 18 outpatient locations around West Michigan for face-to-face assessment. Members have unlimited access to the Hotline. 

Face-to-Face Professional Consultation

Face-to-face consultation is available to employees and members of their household for purposes of assessment and, if indicated, referral to the most appropriate resource to meet their needs. Consultations are available within 48 business hours of initial Hotline contact and can be scheduled at any of Pine Rest's 18 outpatient locations around West Michigan. Therapists include psychologists and clinical social workers. Follow-up referral options are based on the nature of the presenting problem and the requirements of the individual's benefits package. Individuals are limited to the number of sessions per problem episode (based on contract options chosen) but may access the program again in the event that another problem arises. All contact to EAP is confidential unless a signed release authorizes pertinent information be shared with the employer. In an ongoing effort to ensure and improve quality, a confidential Client Satisfaction Survey is provided following face-to-face consultation.

Management Consultation

Management Consultation is available for supervisors or other employees in leadership positions through use of the 24-hour Hotline, or by contacting EAP Program Administrator at (616) 281-6305. Access to EAP for management consultation is unlimited. 

Leadership Training Workshops

Leadership training is available for management, supervisors, union leadership, and other leaders to assist them in working more effectively with their staff and employees.
Objectives include:

  • Recognizing common signs and indicators of emotional stress and/or substance abuse/addictions
  • Increasing confidence in observing and documenting work performance or aberrant behavior in co-workers
  • Understanding how personal problems and substance abuse/addictions may interfere with work performance
  • Learning specific skills and techniques in communication, listening, and confrontation
  • Examining the roadblocks to effective leadership and increasing confidence in referring co-workers for help

To learn more about Pine Rest's Employee Assistance Program and other services Pine Rest offers to area businesses, contact Bob VandePol at (616) 281-6305. 

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