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by Kristin Kuiper, MSW, LMSW

Isn’t this weather amazing? I’m hoping that all of you have gotten a chance to step outside lately and feel the sun on your faces, or open some windows in your home and smell the sweet breeze of spring. It’s always a lovely time of year in West Michigan when signs of life emerge again after the winter—this year it just seems to be coming a little early (not that anyone is complaining!)


One thing I notice when the weather changes like this is how my neighborhood comes alive. Even when I’m inside, I hear basketballs bouncing, children laughing, bikes riding down the street, not to mention my children begging to join in the fun! Something ignites us again when we get to move, get out of the house, engage our senses in a new way. From what I’m mentioning, you probably gather that I love the outdoors. Really, when I think about what makes me feel alive, enjoying nature is near the top of my list. I love a nice long run (especially when it’s not icy!), a family hike or game of soccer, even taking a leisurely walk to get a cup of coffee.


What makes you feel alive? What ignites your heart and makes you feel most like who you are? Is it a particular relationship? Could it include a cause or a social issue? Maybe it’s a job that adds a sense of purpose  to your life. For some, a sense of community in your neighborhood or church family is an area of passion.  I’m asking this question because I think it is important—not only know who we are but to grow those part of our lives that help us be fully who we are. Are you open to discovering that today?

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