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by Kristin Kuiper, MSW, LMSW

Have you been contemplating a change lately? Are you thinking of taking a risk or beginning something new? Maybe you are feeling ready to learn a new skill, heal a relationship, or make a decision that you know will impact your future. Change can bring up all different kinds of emotions in us—it can be exciting and scary at the same time.  


I’ve learned a lot about this lately as I’ve made some professional decisions that impact my writing on this blog. I am planning on transitioning out of my role at Pine Rest to begin some new professional ventures. These new opportunities come with excitement over what is on the horizon, but also with other emotions due to the relationships and experiences I have had over the past five years at Pine Rest.


One experience that I am so thankful for is how I was given the opportunity to write for this blog and to interact with Maranda’s “Where You Live” team over the past several years. I’ll miss this, but am also confident that others will step in to contribute and benefit those of you who find this resource to be helpful. Thank you for reading and contributing feedback in the ways that you have!

Change…what does it mean for you? What is the next step that you might take to pursue where your passions are leading you? Share this with someone you trust and dare to begin the conversation and the process!

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