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Care For Yourself Through Me Time

time, moms, me time, health, women, postpartum depression treatmentBy: Melissa Vander Laan, CTRS



“Me Time?  What!? Are you kidding?  Who has time for that with a three-year-old needing me every other second and a newborn baby who is interested in nursing most of the day?”


Me Time is something that is not only important for your physical health, but also for the health of your significant relationships, mental health and self-esteem.  Being a mom is a full time PLUS job.  It requires passion, drive, endurance, problem solving, planning, patience, care, time management and good listening skills.  A mom takes multitasking to a new level! 


So what happens when this amazing machine (aka: mom) cares for everyone else and fails to care for herself?  She breaks down and burns out.  Like a fancy car that only receives gasoline and nothing else, eventually it too stops working.  What is the antidote for this potential break down? ME TIME!


Me Time can be simple.  It can have cost or be completely free of charge.  It can be planned or spontaneous.  It can be fancy or fancy-free.  The best part is that Me Time is all about what rejuvenates you!  Start by asking yourself:  What is something I can get lost in while doing?  What takes my mind away from everything else?  What can I do that allows me to be completely present in what I am doing?  Once you have the answers to a couple of these questions, you are on your way to wellness through a positive leisure experience called Me Time!


Is music the answer for you?  Do art projects spark your creative side?  Can you lose track of time while digging in the dirt?  Could a 20 minute soak in the tub and a relaxing scented lotion be the brief escape you so desperately need?  Perhaps the answer is simply driving away from your home and adoring family for a brief time to sip on a cup of over-priced cappuccino in peace and quiet.


However you define Me Time, remember it only works when you are intentional and attentive to the idea of taking time for yourself.  In doing so, you are able to quiet your mind, renew your spirit and revitalize your soul.  Think of it as a prescription for improved relationships, increased self-esteem and a regenerated you.  It’s Time!


Melissa Vander Laan, CTRS is a Recreational Therapist/Clinical Specialist in

Pine Rest’s Mother and Baby Program

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