About The Foundation

The Pine Rest Foundation exists to provide Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services with financial resources and community support so its ministry of love and healing in Christ's name can be enhanced and continued.

The Pine Rest Foundation was established to help Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services advance the healing ministry of Jesus Christ through its provision of behavioral health care services. Since its inception, the Pine Rest Foundation has made grants of over $5.1 million to Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services. The Pine Rest Foundation oversees a general endowment generated through annual membership gifts, proceeds from special events, bequests, and other outright or deferred gifts.

The Foundation started the general endowment by initiating annual membership drives, and membership gifts continue to fuel growth in the endowment. In addition, the Foundation hosts a number of special events, including the Golf Classic and the Pine Rest Foundation Dinner, presenting the Jay Van Den Berg Leadership Award to individuals who have made significant contributions to Pine Rest and the Foundation through their leadership in giving of their time, talents, and resources. The Pine Rest Foundation is also the beneficiary of bequests and planned gifts (such as charitable remainder trusts or charitable gift annuities), and receives gifts of securities, real estate, memorial gifts, proceeds from individual trusts, and insurance policies.

For more information about the Pine Rest Foundation or to inquire about how you can support the work of the Foundation, please contact Pete Harkema, PhD, Executive Director of the Foundation at 616-258-7520 or Peter.Harkema@pinerest.org.

Pine Rest Foundation Board of Governors:

  • Tom Nobel, President
  • Peter Baldwin, Vice President
  • Jeff Yonker, Secretary
  • Kirk Lambers, Treasurer
  • Peter Boumgarden
  • Peg Breon
  • Tony Campbell
  • Mark Eastburg, CEO
  • Peter Harkema, Executive Director
  • Samantha Howell
  • Suzanne Keep
  • Niko Leonardos
  • Jim Schipper
  • Allen VanderLaan
  • Steve Wert
  • Jan Winters

Underwriting Support

For fiscal year 2013 - 2014, the Foundation has underwritten the funding of 15 programs and services with gifts totaling $462,130.  In addition the Foundation provided $497,870 for the Patient Assistance Fund, which enables Pine Rest to provide behavioral health care to individuals and families with limited financial resources.  The Foundation’s support makes it possible for Pine Rest to have an impact in the community through programs and services such as:

  • Psychiatric Residency Program
  • Serving Seniors and their Families
  • Improving Evidence Based Caring for Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Pine Rest is grateful for the vision of the individuals who established the Foundation 50 years ago, and to all those past and present who have so generously supported the work of the Foundation that make these gifts possible.

Support the Pine Rest Foundation.

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